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La Pine Better Living Center now has a food co-op through Azure Standard. As many of you know, ordering bulk foods through Azure is a great way to be able to purchase the plant-based ingredients such as nuts, oats, flours, as well as organice produce, etc. at a discount bulk price!  Please read the following basic guidelines from Azure and then feel free to get online or call them with your order:

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Getting Started @ Azure

We specialize in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. We deliver directly to customers, buying clubs and retailers by semi truck and UPS.

What is a “drop” or “drop point”?

The terms “drop” and “drop point” are one and the same. “Drop points” are the places on the delivery routes where deliveries are made.

What’s the minimum order for a “drop point”?

For the truck to stop at a particular location, that “drop” must have a total order of at least $550.00*. Any number of people can order as long as each order within the “drop” is at least $50.00**.

How do I find a drop point if my order is more than $50.00 but less than $550.00?

We will be more than happy to find an existing drop for you to join in your area. Please call our Customer Service Department at 541-467-2230 and ask for help finding a drop point near you. Let the Customer Service Representative who answers the phone know you are a new customer and either want to find a drop point, or would like to become a drop point. He or she will guide you through what you need to do next and provide you with more information. You will then need to contact the drop point coordinator, ask to join their “drop” and get their name, address and which route(s) they order on. They will then give you information about when & where to pick up your orders.

What if I already know what drop point I want my order to be delivered to?

If you already know of an existing drop point which you would like your order to be delivered to, please indicate that on your order. Remember that your order must be at least $50.00 to avoid a small order handling fee**.

What if I don’t want to order on-line?

You can call us and let one of our Customer Service Representatives know you have an order ready and have found a drop. The Rep will then assign you a customer number and take your first order. (We do not pre-assign customer numbers.)

What if I used to have a customer number but it’s been a long time and I don’t remember it?

If it has been awhile since you ordered from us, and you don’t remember your number, give us a call… we will find your number for you. Please remember, you only need one customer number. That number will work for faxed, phoned, or on- line orders. If you move, your number will go with you. We will be more than happy to find you a new drop contact in your new city/town. We’re eager to help you through any problems you may be having, so feel free to call us or email us at We look forward to providing you the best organic and natural products!

~ All of us at Azure

Please note:  As soon as our co-op order is up to $550, they will deliver it to us within the guidelines of the delivery routes. The next delivery deadline for our area is March 14th. Also, please note that your individual order must be at least $50 or there will be a small handling fee added to your order.

Instructions for ordering online:

  1. Go to:
  2. Register by creating a customer account.
  3. Browse through the catalog and add to your shopping cart.
  4. Pay online.

When it comes to the shipping section, put in our drop # – 794595.  This will ensure that your order will be placed on the truck for our location and delivered with the rest of the order.

For all the shipping deadlines, go to the ordering info and scheduling deliveries.  We are D1.

If you have questions, please email